How DSI Helps You Save Energy

Dealing with dog waste is a subject that every pet owner must deal with, but no one likes to discuss. In addition to being a nuisance, uncollected dog waste is a serious problem for any Association. Canine waste is the greatest source of potential health risk for your pet and your family. Next time you are tempted to leave your dog’s droppings on the sidewalk, playgrounds, common areas, or walking path remember these important facts:

1. The Environmental Protection Agency is becoming aggressive about enforcing the Clean Water Act. Your Association could be fined if dog waste remains uncollected.

2. Uncollected dog waste may lead to a special assessment. If fined by the EPA, the Association could face a potential special assessment that would be levied against all residents—not just dog owners.

3. The appearance and quality of the common areas are known to affect home sales—not just whether and for how much they sell, but how quickly.

4. Uncollected dog waste spreads disease and attracts rodents who feed on pet waste. In addition, your dog can spread or contract serious viruses through infected feces. It is your responsibility to clean up after your pet every time they go to the bathroom. Don’t make your responsibility somebody else’s problem.