Increase the longevity of your roof while helping the environment.

We offer many different green roofing solutions that can help to make your building more efficient and provide environmental benefits, all the while increasing the longevity of the roofing system. With careful planning and execution, you can turn unused space in your building into an outdoor entertainment area, urban garden, or storm water retention area.

Cool roofing options produce highly-reflective surfaces enabling your roof to not only reduce the amount of solar heat absorbed but also reduce the urban heating effect. These roofs can result in measurable reductions in your building’s cooling cost while also reducing your overall carbon footprint and extending the life of the overall roofing system.

Installing grasses, shrubs, trees, and patios on a roof offer many benefits to roofing owners, including increased property value, interior noise reduction, municipal economic incentive and an additional layer of insulation, thereby reducing HVAC load while providing protection for the roof membrane. There are also the environmental benefits of reduced storm water runoff, new habitat spaces for local birds and insects, and reduced localized heat generation. It can also be a great place for you and your employees to relax and enjoy nature.